Deportation Defense

Are you or someone you love in legal trouble?

Sadly with immigrants or lawful permanent residents, criminal problems almost always lead to immigration problems as well. These cases are generally the most difficult to win and involve several different hearings before an immigration judge. Depending on the legal status of the person in trouble as well as that of their family members it is possible to apply for “cancellation of removal” and try to convince the judge the family would suffer greatly without the troubled family member.

“Mr. Sweeney and his team are great! We were looking for someone to help us get my husband’s green card and after searching for awhile we found Mr. Sweeney. He was very thorough and helped us feel comfortable. He even has a payment plan to help you if you can’t pay in full. We got my husband’s green card in only 7 months with no problems whatsoever. Thank you for your help Mr. Sweeney!”

Rachel Sparks

Do not sign your voluntary departure!

Many times people get nervous or scared into signing their removal before even getting a chance to fight your case in court. ALWAYS ask for a hearing before a judge. In many cases I can try and get you out on bond and you will be eligible for a work permit during the duration of your case. These cases are long and expensive but in many cases result in a green card!

Our Strategy

The strategies for each case vary as much as the fact patterns of the individual cases themselves. You must get legal help from an attorney to have any hope of winning the case. I have won cancellation of removal cases for both residents and non-residents, gained waivers for those in proceedings, adjusted people’s status to LPR in court, proved a particular client was the victim of domestic violence and thus merited staying in the U.S., won asylum and withholding of removal as well as convinced the judge to simply drop the case altogether.

“My experience was amazing. Justin Sweeney was very professional and helpful. During the process he was always attentive and it was very important to me that he speaks spanish which is wonderful.”



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